Columbia is one of the very few ship management companies in the world that has a dedicated Insurance, Claims, and Legal department. This department adds value to the overall management services we provide to our clients, as we achieve better than market rate premiums and provide additional services such as flag registration, administration and more.

The department has a dedicated team of professionals with proven relevant seagoing and shore expertise ready to support your business. It consists of two Groups: The Insurance Group and the Claims Group. This high calibre team of experienced and professionally trained members fully recognises your requirements and is committed to delivering an optimal service.

The team follows up on recent developments and members attend seminars and workshops on a regular basis. It’s an investment worth having to be able to provide a team that is up-to-date and able to provide reliable high-end service.


We ensure the availability of all insurance covers (both marine and non-marine), such as insurances for the crew (crew accident and liability covers), and the vessels under management (H&M, IV, P&I, War Risks, LOH) as required by the management agreements and/or instructed by clients. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio of business to other sectors, such as hotels and aviation. The team can ensure that your asset is protected from any liabilities or risks that could arise.


Claims can range from relatively minor crew sickness cases, costing just a few hundred dollars, through to expensive and complex cases involving severe damage to ships or other property and/or injury and loss of life, which may amount to many millions of dollars and affect the cost of future insurances and the profitability of owners. We in the CSM Claims Group are dedicated to dealing with such matters, with our clients’ interests at heart as we have a proven record of handling cases favourably.

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