Crew Training And Lifelong Learning

Our seafarers play a vital role in operating our fleet, which is why education and development are key factors.

The importance of lifelong learning is as relevant for staff ashore as it is for crew on board. Commitment to lifelong learning requires huge investment in effective training techniques and in a culture of innovation and inquisitiveness. Not only have we invested in state-of-the-art training academies ashore, but we have also supported innovative e-learning platforms which provide specifically tailored courses for individual needs. Our investment in virtual and augmented reality tools via our industry leading Performance Optimisation Control Room allows crew to familiarise and train on their vessels from ashore, thereby massively reducing costs and enhancing safety.

We invest in the very best training techniques, the best onboard catering services, mental and medical health care for all crew and parochial and charitable support for crews’ families. This attention to training and welfare, combined with a strong culture and sense of “belonging” to the Columbia Family, ensures that our clients receive the best crew available.

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