Energy And Offshore

Your partner in mastering ​the complexities of the oil and gas ​as well as the wind and renewable energy markets​.

The offshore sector has emerged as a vital market segment for Columbia Group, demanding exceptional technical management and crew expertise. The presence of clients and stakeholders onboard necessitates a different mindset and adherence to refined operational, documentation, and safety procedures. We are committed to meeting these elevated standards and ensuring seamless operations.

Servicing oil rigs, gas platforms, jack-ups, and offshore wind farms demands expertise in complex maintenance, support, and logistics — a challenge we are uniquely equipped to handle.

By combining commercial and technical management with environmental lifecycle management CSM Energy provides an integrated service platform, ​offering a one-stop shop solution for investors’, owners’ and operators’ assets in the oil & gas and renewable energies​.

Leveraging our oil and gas, wind and renewable energies, alternative propulsion and fuel experts as well as the background of the Columbia Group, we can offer quality asset management at competitive cost, allowing you to fully focus on the strengths of your core business​.

With a service offering including environmental services, value-added services, asset management, digital services and services for the oil and gas drilling industry, we are able to provide unparalleled support services for vessels in the growing offshore market worldwide including: AHTS, PSV, OSV, MSV, DSV, Self-propelled Jack Up Barges, FPS,  Accommodation Barges, ERRVs, FSVs, DSVs, Offshore Construction Vessels, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessels and other specialised vessels​.

Service Offering

  • Asset Management:
  • Technical Management​
  • Crew Management and Training​
  • Commercial and Operational Management​
  • Layup and Reactivation Services ​
  • QHSE and Marine Services
  • Environmental Services:
  • Waste Management​
  • Tank Cleaning​
  • Environmental Auditing and Consulting (compliance + preparedness, management
  • system upgrade etc.)​
  • Green Recycling
  • Value-Added Services:
  • Technical Consultancy​
  • Procurement and Catering​
  • New Building Consultancy​
  • S&P and Chartering ​
  • Alternative Fuel / Electrical Vessel Retrofit​
  • Certification Services​
  • DP Services
  • Services for Oil and Gas Industry:
  • Crew Management​
  • Training​
  • Procurement​
  • Travel Arrangements​
  • Helicopter Services​
  • Catering Staff and Accommodation​
  • Management​
  • Mental Health & Well-being Services​
  • Work Permits/Visa Processing

Digital Services:

  • Performance Optimisation Control Room (POCR) 24/7 ​
  • Client Portal ​
  • Crew Portal​
  • Online Training Portal (LMS)​
  • ITNC​
  • Videoconferencing with Assets

The Columbia Performance Optimisation Control Room (“POCR”) affords clients the ability to optimise all aspects of navigational, operational, and commercial performance.​

Via a state-of-the-art digital platform, the POCR harnesses the very latest technology and digitalised techniques in a wholly confidential and data-secure environment. ​

With the first SMART Jack-up barge, POCR is ahead in the offshore business and in the driver’s seat on the way forward​.

Monitored by specialists 24/7, the POCR allows clients to have a greater level of transparency and visibility of their operations. As a web-based solution, the POCR functionality can be immediately transferred to your offices at zero cost, therefore being able to access the services remotely.

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Energy and Offshore Solutions

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