Maritime E-Learning

At Columbia we fully recognise the absolute importance of Training and Lifelong Learning for the crew members on board our managed vessels and for the employees within our offices. Relevant, state-of-the-art training content and techniques almost inevitably lead to better motivated crew and employees and more efficiently run, safer, well maintained and operated vessels. As a company we have invested heavily into our training centre facilities around the world, our learning management system, e-learning platform, tailored interactive courses in the classroom and on personal mobile/tablet devices. We have pioneered the use of hologram and virtual reality-enabled teaching techniques which bring a sense of fun and excitement into the training process and allow us to familiarise our crews ashore, leading to enhanced safety and performance after crew rotations.

Our People are the key differentiator between our performance as a Group and that of our competitors. Our commitment to the highest possible levels of training and lifelong learning is therefore of paramount importance to us, and will ensure we achieve our mission to become the leading provider of services in the maritime, logistics, leisure and renewable sectors.

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Maritime E learning

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