GenPro is an independent Maritime and Commercial Procurement company. GenPro negotiates framework supply agreements with international ship suppliers on behalf of its members with the goal of securing the best terms and conditions, including pricing, in a completely transparent and compliant business model. With its purchasing volume, it secures the best prices achievable on all consumables and, where possible, secures discounts based on volume, which are returned to the vessels’ owner without any deductions. To date, GenPro consolidates the purchasing activities of over 1000 vessels. The scope and reach of this procurement endeavour is not limited to maritime products and consumables but includes all products and consumables associated with the operation of maritime businesses both onshore and offshore. The company can also extend its activities outside shipping into commodities and other industry sectors. The GenPro Model makes sure that all activities are performed in accordance with the company’s Sustainability Strategy, with exceptional focus on transparency, trust, and optimisation of all its stakeholders’ processes.

GenPro provides its members with an Attractive Value Proposition via:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Defined quality.
  • Real value returned to vessel owners via volume-related discounts.
  • Proven transparency via an open-book policy.
  • Robust Sustainability Strategy.
  • Value of being part of a pool of 1000+ vessels.
  • Economies of scale, with over US $400 million annual contractual turnover in 2021.
  • Over 200 years of combined industry experience in one team.
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GENPRO Maritime and Commercial Procurement

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