We aim to provide crew with high-quality, healthy, and nutritious meals on board.

Our marine catering solution’s team of experts integrates the customer’s internal catering department with its own quality systems, while maintaining a competitive budget, and aims to reduce the daily vessel running costs by optimising the order and supply process.

With recipe planning, health and nutrition advice, menu management, ordering and supply of provisions, as well as training programmes for chefs via distance learning and competency development programmes ashore, our marine catering solution covers it all.

  • Full transparency.
  • Team of experts including qualified experienced chefs, including senior management level staff who are able to understand challenges and provide support, food technologists, and nutritionists. 
  • Leading in welfare, motivation, and support of catering departments.
  • Ship’s Cooks Training Guidelines were developed and finalised by ILO experts in Geneva in 2013.
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Maritime Catering

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