At COLUMBIA pure we provide leisure, tourism, transportation, and industrial businesses with public health programmes. We ensure that business segments remain compliant with relevant international requirements and best practices. Moreover, we always have a people-focused approach to services. At COLUMBIA pure we offer tailor-made programmes of health promotion to meet the needs of any business. Programmes focus on education, training and in- person consultation as well as evaluation of already existing programmes.

Our team is comprised of experts in global public health, outbreak prevention, water safety, nursing, and various other sectors of the public health sector.

At COLUMBIA pure we are here to ensure that your operation meets worldwide health standards and regulations, by offering:

  • 360° Public Health consultancy
  • Tailor-made Outbreak Prevention and Response Plans
  • Public Health auditing
  • Public Health Promotion
  • Tailor-made Public Health Manuals for variable services (e.g., housekeeping, water safety, etc.)
  • Potable and recreational water testing schedules
  • Creation of logs for accurate record keeping
  • Individualised inspection tools
  • Integrated Pest Management recommendations in conjunction with external providers
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COLUMBIA PURE Public Health programs

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