Responding to the urgent call to combat climate change, Columbia Group is working to build up an ecosystem with solutions to support the energy transition. Columbia Group continues to strengthen its position in the demanding offshore renewables industry. Our partnership with major partners as their energy transformation ally in renewables is a testament to our expertise.

As you embark on offshore renewables or any energy-related projects, Columbia Group offers comprehensive packages to unburden you and ensure successful execution. Join us in harnessing the boundless potential of offshore renewable energy and charting a sustainable, green future.

Energy Solutions

Columbia Group understands the challenges to tackle decarbonization is not only in the marine industry but also solutions should be applicable on land applications too.

Columbia Group has set up collaborations with major energy solutions providers to provide turnkey solutions towards a fully green and sustainable future.

As a Group we could offer:

  • Energy Storage
  • Engine Power plants
  • Hybrid solutions
  • Energy Products & Services (efficiency & optimization)

As a Group we wish to become major enablers on this energy transition journey.  We would like to discuss how we could partner to build up efficient and sustainable solutions for a greener planet. 

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Offshore Renewable Energy

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