Ships under our management are maintained to the highest standards, with condition and performance monitored through frequent inspections, sailing visits on board as well as enhanced reporting and quality management systems​.

Service Offering:

  • Technical Management​
  • Crew Management and training​
  • Commercial and Operational Management​
  • Layup and reactivation services ​
  • QHSE and Marine services


With Columbia Shipmanagement’s own crewing offices in more than 19 locations and multiple countries around the globe, CSM Energy benefits from access to a large, loyal crewing pool and high retention rates. Additional professional crewing agents contribute to providing the best recruitment and crew management services available in the market.

Our Crewing Services:

  • Selection and Employment
  • Training
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Payroll
  • Certification Control
  • Travel
  • Welfare
  • Insurance

We pride ourselves on total commitment to effective, innovative, tailored and relevant training
and maintain a pool of the most experienced offshore seafarers.​

Our centres of excellence offer a wide range of simulator training, ensuring that you have
access to highly qualified specialist crew on a worldwide scale​.

Commercial considerations are key within this competitive industry. By putting the interests of
our clients at the forefront, we meet these requirements head-on with a range of services. We
offer professional ship brokerage and consulting services combined with in-depth offshore
market insights and commercial know-how.

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