Columbus Travel sets sail with launch of global headquarters in Malta

A new travel company has been launched, offering a specialised service for both maritime and corporate clients and boasting a global presence with branches strategically located in Cyprus, Italy, Manila, US and very soon in India.

This worldwide network, combined with extensive expertise, enables Columbus Travel, part of Columbia Group’s integrated maritime, logistics, leisure, energy and off-shore services platform, to meet customer needs round the clock and guarantees unparalleled flexibility and swift response times while securing the most competitive fares available.

The company’s Malta office, which officially opened last month, will serve as the international headquarters, also ensuring a world-class service tailored to local needs.

At the heart of Columbus Travel’s mission are its guiding principles – Dedication, Teamwork, Consistency, Enthusiasm and Credibility – and these values drive the team’s commitment to enriching shared knowledge and delivering exceptional service to clients worldwide.

Focussing on the maritime industry, Columbus Travel recognises the vital role played by shipping companies and their resilient seafarers, who are an indispensable force driving the global economy. It also understands the unique needs of crewing departments, offering optimal travel solutions that save time and costs for the maritime sector. These include specialised airfares, flexibility for travellers, visa arrangements, extra luggage allowance, priority boarding and very competitive fees. Such benefits cater to all marine crew members, from cadets embarking on their maiden voyages to seasoned Superintendents facing baggage constraints at check-in.

For corporate travellers, Columbus Travel draws experience from its robust airline and hotel chain partnerships, creating personalised travel plans and ensuring seamless experiences with additional perks such as access to airport lounges, accommodation arrangements, and ground transfers. Recognising, the time sensitivity of their schedules, the company’s goal is to facilitate hassle-free travel for corporate clients, allowing them to arrive at meetings rejuvenated and ready.

Columbus Travel is delighted to announce that it will be the exclusive travel agency of Europa Uomo.

Christis Marcoullis, Managing Director of Columbus Travel, said: “The company’s founding mission centres on providing tailored travel solutions to the maritime industry, particularly global shipping agencies managing extensive personnel travel across the globe daily.

“Whether it’s maritime or corporate travel, our clients benefit from global-scale advantages through our understanding of local markets and extensive branch network. Columbus Travel stands firm in its commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly travel experience and ensuring client satisfaction.”

For inquiries and further information, please contact the Columbus Travel team at [email protected]

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16 January, 2024
Christis Marcoullis, Managing Director of Columbus Travel holding microphone and addressing people at event

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