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Blue Dynamics (BD), one of our Group companies, is a cutting-edge IT software development company that manages the digital strategy of Columbia Group. Committed to developing an industry-leading IT platform and detailed digital agenda, the company adds unparalleled value to our partners and clients. BD provides the Columbia Group with a wide variety of different software solutions so each is tailor-made and based on the company’s and users’ needs.

Ten years of experience as an integration team within the Columbia Group, orchestrating processes and systems.

Ten years of software development experience in the ERP market covering most types of shipping (cargo, cruise, energy, yachts, ship management/owning, and ancillary services).

Always in the field of research for new technologies and best practices, providing an adaptation path for us at Columbia – i.e. machine learning, mobile apps, blockchain, etc.

Covering various disciplines of the system (off-the-shelf or custom development) ranging from ship management/operation, accounting/commercial, procurement, and maintenance as well as special-purpose applications for onboard or mobility usage.

Investing in research and innovation via Cyprus or EU-wide research and development projects in the field of shipping and maritime services.

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