Task Assignment and Shipboard Responsibility

1.    The Staff Captain is the Head of the Deck Department. They are second in command and, if the Master becomes incapacitated, they will assume command. They have functional responsibility to the bridge team;

2.    Understudying the Master and ensuring familiarity with all aspects of the Master’s role, vessel navigation and operation;

3.    The Staff Captain is responsible for all areas of discipline within the Deck Department, matters of a more serious concern should be presented to the Master as deemed appropriate maintaining on board discipline, ensuring crew compliance with the Code of Conduct and assisting the Master with all associated disciplinary procedures;

4.    The Staff Captain is the ship’s designated Ships Security Officer.

5.    The Staff Captain responsible for the ship’s security. The Security Officer (SECO) manages day-to-day security concerns and reports to the Staff Captain on a daily basis.

6.    The Staff Captain is overall responsible for the Master key system which is maintained and controlled by Security Officer;

7.    The Staff Captain is responsible to the Master for the Safety, Welfare, Discipline and training of all staff. Chairman of the Health Safety and Environment & Energy (HSE) Committee meetings, ensuring that a robust Safety & Health culture awareness is encouraged and maintained;

8.    The Staff Captain must ensure that all Deck Officers are aware of their obligations to provide the highest level of service to the passengers;

9.    The Staff Captain is responsible for Bridge Management and will oversee the First Officer (Navigation) in the role of Bridge Manager;

10. The Staff Captain is to give the Master any advice they deem necessary if, in their opinion the ship is in, or is likely to become compromised from whatever cause;

11. The Staff Captain is directly responsible to the Master for the conduct of the Crew in all aspects of the ship’s emergency procedures;

12. The Staff Captain is the responsible Stability Officer as per Shipboard Responsibilities & Structure chapter. They report to the Master prior to each and every departure, and confirm that the condition of the ship meets all the requirements of the stability booklet and continue to do so for the entire forthcoming voyage;

13. The Staff Captain must liaise closely with the Chief Engineer, who ensures information is provided in order that the Staff Captain can monitor the load condition of all the tanks and spaces to allow for forward stability planning;

14. The Staff Captain gives clear and precise written orders as required for tanks available for counteracting adverse weather conditions; ballasting/de-ballasting; and bunkering/rotation of fuel oil, ballast, grey water and potable water tanks;

15. The Staff Captain is responsible to train all Deck Officers in, and familiarize Engine Officers with the ship’s stability requirements. Furthermore, they include all Deck officers in carrying out routine stability calculations. The Staff Captain may not delegate their ultimate responsibility as Stability Officer;

16. The Staff Captain is holding responsibility for the Biofouling Management Plan and Record Book.

17. The Staff Captain is responsible for the following work areas but not limited to:

17.1. Maintaining and up keeping of the exterior structure and fabric of the ship and to report any major defects to the Technical and Marine department;

17.2. Monitoring and overall water system and water quality handling, record keeping and on board training as per the Water Safety Plan;

17.3. Planning and coordinating the ship’s inspection rounds/routines in consultation with the other Heads of Departments;

17.4. Monitoring the practical application of the Management System and advising the appropriate shore side procedure owner, through the Master, if any operational procedures do not comply with these regulations;

17.5. Coordinating requisitions needed for the Deck Department and ensuring respective delivery as appropriate;

17.6. Holding overall responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of Fire Fighting Equipment and Lifesaving appliances;

17.7.Ensuring that all In Port Manning requirements are adhered to;

17.8. Coordinating the ship’s response to all internal and external audits;

17.9. Holding responsibility for all aspects of launch operations in a tender port and ensuring a routine is established prior to the tender port;

17.10.  Holding overall responsibility for ensuring that all Lifting Gear used by the deck department is maintained in good order and the relevant test certificates are held. The Staff Captain manages the vessel’s Lifting Equipment Register, Lifting Equipment certification and database;

17.11.  Supporting the Captain in their responsibility for maintaining ship’s certificates, including the requirements of the Flag State/Classification Society/US Coast Guard;

17.12.  Holding overall responsibility for the maintenance, inspection and survey of all tanks, cofferdams and void spaces, with the assistance of the Technical

department, and reporting maintenance/inspections/surveys in AMOS;

17.13.  Ensuring that Deck Officers and Crew are familiar with the Company’s Management System;

17.14.  Organizing the vessel’s Integrated Pest Management, and monitoring its effectiveness;

17.15.  Reviewing the Company’s Management System on a regular basis and reporting to the Master proposals for improvement;

17.16.  The Staff Captain is acting as shipboard company representative of the Crew Welfare Committee ensuring that an active and enthusiastic Crew Welfare Committee is established and encouraged.

18. Any additional duties as required by the Staff Captain and/ or Master are added to this task assignment in writing:

Mandatory previous sailing experience on cruise ship of these specification:

GT: 85,619

NT: 53,437

DWT: 7,500

Length: 292.5 m

Breath: 32.2 m

Flag: Bahamas

PAX: 2,500

Crew: 900

Propulsion: Azipods

Engines: Diesel-electric 35,200 kW 



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