Task Assignment and Shipboard Responsibility

1.  The Security Officer (SECO) reports directly to the Ship Security Officer (SSO).

2.  The Security Officer (SECO) is responsible for the following work areas:

2.1. Organizing and deploying of on-board security teams. In this matter, the SECO shall liaise closely with the SSO.

2.2. Monitoring the ship security in passenger and crew areas, at the same time ensuring that restricted areas are secure without compromising safety.

2.3. Up-keeping and maintaining ship security equipment. Any defects noted or spare parts required to be brought to the attention of the SSO.

2.4. Setting-up and controlling access points, including access control of persons, luggage and equipment.

2.5. Assisting the SSO to communicate the current and intended Security Level on board to crew and port facilities.

2.6. Assisting the SSO to liaise with any Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) in order to complete the Declaration of Security (DoC). Any Document concerning Security, or any other condition required to be complied with which is out of the ordinary, shall be reported to the SSO.

2.7. Carrying out personal searches and keeping records as instructed by the SSO.

2.8. Carrying out luggage checks on disembarking crew members.

2.9.  Preparing a Bomb/Drug/Stowaway/Missing Person search plan for the ship and conducting random drug searches of areas as and when instructed by the SSO.

2.10. Developing and ensuring the compliance of a Security Rounds Plan, ensuring that the integrity of all Restricted Areas is provided in accordance with the current security level.

Performing the investigation in the event of any security or disciplinary incidents and reporting to the SSO confidentially.

Assisting with the investigation of minor personal injuries of passengers as reported to the Safety Officer.

Inform the Master of any serious injuries (Guest);

Conducting Drug and Alcohol tests in accordance with Company Procedures and policy.

Conducting security familiarization and training for the crew.

Maintaining and updating security records as instructed by the SSO.

3. Any additional duties as required by the SSO are added to this task assignment in writing.

Mandatory previous sailing experience on cruise ship of these specification:

GT: 133,500

DWT: 13,000

Length: 323.6 m

Breath 37 m

Flag: Panama


Crew: 1,400

Propulsion: Azipods

Engines: Diesel-electric 62,400 kW (83,700 hp)



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