Task Assignment and Shipboard Responsibility

1.    The Safety Officer must remain current on Bridge Watch Keeping duties and equipment and they should normally complete one sea watch per week as a minimum;

2.    The Safety Officer is thevessel’s Statutory Safety Officer and reports to the Staff Captain on a day to day basis but has a direct reporting line to the Captain for any safety related incidents or findings in all departments;

3.    The Safety Officer is to brief the Health, Safety, Environment & Energy (HSE) Committee meeting; and the Staff Captain briefs the Senior Management Team. (The Safety Officer attends the Senior Management meeting only if necessary);

4.    The Safety Officer must stop any observed unsafe procedure or operation before reporting the observations to the Staff Captain and Head of Department responsible for the area/operation of concern;

5.    The Safety Officer’s responsibilities and duties include:

5.1.Ensuring the overall readiness of the vessels safety equipment, including Life Saving Appliances, Fire Fighting Appliances, and watertight integrity;

5.2.Ensuring that safety familiarisation, training, drills and emergency exercises are conducted in full compliance with statutory and company requirements;

5.3.Coordinating all crew safety inductions and Watertight Door/Splash tight Door instruction; except for any duty familiarization and commercial trainings required by Head of Department and or owner. 

5.4.Coordinating the training and authorisation of Deck Department crew regarding Watertight doors, Deck equipment, on/off load release hooks operation;

5.5.Scheduling crew drill programmes in compliance with the company’s Management System and providing the Senior Management Team with a list of requirements. Ensuring that passenger and crew musters and drills are carried out at the prescribed times, meeting legal requirements;

5.6.Monitoring designation of ECM duties by all departments and issuing of replacement cards as per the ECM;

5.7.Training all relevant Fire Fighting Teams and lifesaving preparation parties following up on lessons learnt from drill debriefings;

5.8.Training Lifeboat and Life-raft parties and operating crew;

5.9.Conducting statutory safety & occupational health rounds/inspections of all spaces including the main machinery spaces. Any defects or deficiencies are to be documented as necessary (including but not limited to, the use of the companies AMOS Planned Maintenance         System) and brought to the attention of the Senior Management Team. Defects and deficiencies are to be followed up to ensure adequate close out in a timely manner. Each set of rounds should be accompanied by the relevant Head of Department and an alternating member of the Bridge Team. The Chief Engineer is to liaise closely with the Safety Officer regarding their shared responsibilities for safety in their area;

6.    Overall responsible for all accident investigations (minor accidents may be delegated to the Security Officer), and for their submission. Along with producing and disseminating any learning points from the investigations;

6.1.They must inform the Master of any serious injuries (Crew & Passenger);

6.2.Conduct root causes investigation of the injury where applicable.

7.    The Safety Officer is the Deputy Stability Officer;

8.    Responsible for Tender driving training;

9.    The Safety Officer is the Cadet Training Officer for Day Work cadets;

10.Ensuring that the Muster List and all associated software and documentation is fully up to date, and displayed as required;

11.Working closely with the Deck and Engine Management Team to ensure the safety, certification and survey of all Lifting Appliances and associated equipment;

12.Understudying the Staff Captain;

13.Raising the awareness and improving the standard of Health and Safety consciousness among the crew;

14.Communicating Company’s safety objectives and targets to all Officers and Crew and encouraging their participation and contribution;

15.Maintaining the safety equipment certification and records in compliance with the Company filing structure;

16.In the execution of these duties, the Safety Officer shall liaise with the CCS Marine & Safety Superintendent and coordinate visits of the CCS Fleet Training Offers where necessary;

17.The Safety Officer shall also authorize all work permits as required and familiarize themselves with the work being carried out and precautions being taken;

 18.Assisting the Staff Captain in reviewing Deck Officer Appraisals;

19.In conducting their duties, and with the approval of the Staff Captain, they can utilize other members of the Deck Department;

20.Any additional duties as required by the Staff Captain and/ or Master are added to this task assignment in writing:

Mandatory previous sailing experience on cruise ship of these specification:

GT: 85,619

NT: 53,437

DWT: 7,500

Length: 292.5 m

Breath: 32.2 m

Flag: Bahamas

PAX: 2,500

Crew: 900

Propulsion: Azipods

Engines: Diesel-electric 35,200 kW 



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