ROLE DESCRIPTION – Hotel Service Engineer

The Hotel Service Engineer is responsible for the overall condition of all hotel related machinery on board. This includes all A/C Systems, sanitary systems, food stores, (refrigerating rooms & freezers), galley equipment, technical equipment and systems in public rooms and in cabins as well as in the crew area (excluding electrical parts).

Main responsibilities:

·       Arranging spare parts, for the receiving, stowage, care and economical use of all hotel machinery stores and spare parts.

·       Coordinating repairs, preparing maintenance schedules and controlling the execution.

·       Allocating jobs to the crew assigned to him.

·       The careful handling of all equipment and machinery in his area of responsibility.

·       Reporting to his Superior all accidents, near misses, deviations from operational routines and improvements which have a bearing on safety, security, environmental protection.

·       This includes corrective measures for health and hygiene implementation.

·       The Hotel Service engineer has the authority to issue instructions to personnel assigned to his area of responsibility.

·       He is familiar with “CHIEF ENGINEER STANDING ORDERS” and follows all rules of safety and pollution prevention as established on board.

·       He is up to date and familiar with “CCS SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”

·       In case of emergency he acts according to the Muster List.           

Mandatory previous sailing experience on cruise ship of these specification:

GT: 85,619

NT: 53,437

DWT: 7,500

Length: 292.5 m

Breath: 32.2 m

Flag: Bahamas

PAX: 2,500

Crew: 900

Propulsion: Azipods

Engines: Diesel-electric 35,200 kW 


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