ROLE DESCRIPTION – Hotel Service Engineer

The Hotel Service Engineer is responsible for the overall condition of all hotel related machinery on board. This includes all A/C Systems, sanitary systems, food stores, (refrigerating rooms & freezers), galley equipment, technical equipment and systems in public rooms and in cabins as well as in the crew area (excluding electrical parts).

Main responsibilities:

machinery stores and spare parts.

Coordinating repairs, preparing maintenance schedules and controlling the execution.

Allocating jobs to the crew assigned to him.

The careful handling of all equipment and machinery in his area of responsibility.

Reporting to his Superior all accidents, near misses, deviations from operational routines and improvements which have a bearing on safety, security, environmental protection.

This includes corrective measures for health and hygiene implementation.

The Hotel Service engineer has the authority to issue instructions to personnel assigned to his area of responsibility.

He is familiar with “CHIEF ENGINEER STANDING ORDERS” and follows all rules of safety and pollution prevention as established on board.

He is up to date and familiar with “COMPANY SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”

In case of emergency he acts according to the Muster List.   

Mandatory previous sailing experience on cruise ship of these specification:

GT: 133,500

DWT: 13,000

Length: 323.6 m

Breath 37 m

Flag: Panama


Crew: 1,400

Propulsion: Azipods

Engines: Diesel-electric 62,400 kW (83,700 hp)


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