Crewing Superintendent

The Crewing Superintendent shall have the following qualifications:

  • Seagoing experience as an officer, or a university degree and experience in the
    recruitment industry of not less than 2 years;
  • Good command of the English language and strong interpersonal skills;
  • Good controlling and communication skills.

The Crewing Superintendent is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and monitoring the safe manning of all vessels, based on minimum safe
    manning and special manning requirements in relation to age, trade, type and
    condition of the vessel as well as in compliance with the agreed vessel’s budget;
  • Ensuring that all Seafarers are trained and qualified in full compliance with
    Company’s, STCW and Flag State requirements;
  • Ensuring that all Seafarers have passed a medical examination performed by a
    qualified independent medical doctor and obtained a medical certificate before
    joining a vessel.
  • Conducting crew changes in compliance with the Seafarers’ Employment
  • Liaising with the vessel, owners and/or operators suitable date/port of crew
  • Arranging and monitoring travel arrangements for Seafarers including visa
  • Ensuring that Seafarer Employment Agreements are issued in compliance with
    MLC, Flag State and National requirements;
  • Arranging suitable travel arrangements allowing sufficient time for handing over of
    duties and familiarization;
  • Ensuring that expenses not covered in the manning agreement are debited to
  • Monitoring of crew performance including progress of any cadets and arranging
    follow-up where required;
  • Planning of Officers and ratings rotation;
  • Promotion and monitoring of Seafarers Career progression;
  • Actively recruiting for open positions as required;
  • Being fully conversant with the Company’s Management System;
  • Implementing effectively the Company’s Management System;
  • Contributing to the development of new or the amendment of existing procedures;
  • Promoting and supporting efforts for continual improvement;

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