Claims Officer

The Claims Officer shall have the following qualifications:

  • A university degree and/or sea experience in a position  of  command  and/or  at  least three (3) years relevant work experience in the Company or a similar company;
  • A good knowledge of marine insurance and claims handling procedures;
  • Excellent command of the English language;
  • Good communication skills and an ability to work within a team;
  • Conversant with applicable Rules and Regulations.

The Claims Officer is responsible for:

  • Proper handling of claims;
  • Liaising with other departments within the Company concerning claims handling;
  • Maintaining communications with Average Adjusters, Protection & Indemnity Clubs,
  • Brokers etc., when, and where required;
  • Following up of approved claims for correct and timely payment of collected funds;
  • Keeping the appropriate check list for all pending claims up to date and notify the Insurance & Claims Manager for any delays in the collection of claims funds;
  • Preparing of claims statistical records;
  • Keeping the Claims Manager and other relevant parties correctly informed of all claims related matters;
  • Maintaining a proper filing system for each claim;
  • Preparing of claims status reports for customers and the Company as required;
  • Being adequately conversant with the Company’s Management System;
  • Effectively implementing the Company’s Management System;
  • Contributing to the development of new or the amendment of existing procedures;
  • Promoting and supporting efforts for continual improvement;
  • Performing special tasks and projects assigned by the Group General Manager Claims & Legal.

The Claims Officers reports and is accountable to the Group General Manager Claims & Legal.


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