ROLE DESCRIPTION – Second Engineer

The OPERATIONS Level consists of all other Engine Officers, maintaining direct control over the performance of all functions within the designated area of responsibility, in accordance with the Company’s procedures and under the direction and supervision of an Officer serving in the Management Level of responsibility. The Second Engineer – Daily reports and is accountable to the First Engineer.

Ship and process specific Task Assignments shall be prepared by the Management Level

Main responsibilities:

·       Utilise the AMOS System for planning and update of work, stores, and unexpected maintenance.

·       WO “work orders” if service included consumed spares. Spare parts need to add to the work order.   

·       Responsible for safe working Practices / Toolbox meeting in Engine Room.

·       Carry out engine room related work as assigned by the First Engineer.

·       Carry out maintenance in accordance with AMOS System.

·       Plan and submit Permit to Work/Risk Assessment/Toolbox meeting 

·       Under no circumstances shall any modification or project be carried out without the consent of the Chief Engineer.

·       Adhere to all Company Policies and Procedures, Manuals and Directives always.

·       Responsible for training their watch team to follow safe and environmentally responsible working practices and to maintain a high watch keeping standard.

·       To ensure that all machinery is operated safely, efficiently and economically in accordance with Company Regulations and Policies.

·       Other responsibilities as assigned by First Engineer and Chief Engineer, but not limited to the above.

Mandatory previous sailing experience on cruise ship of these specification:

GT: 85,619

NT: 53,437

DWT: 7,500

Length: 292.5 m

Breath: 32.2 m

Flag: Bahamas

PAX: 2,500

Crew: 900

Propulsion: Azipods

Engines: Diesel-electric 35,200 kW 



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