Commercial & Pool Management

United Product Tankers (UPT) is a Tanker Management company that was established in 2003 and which provides commercial and pool management services to the tanker industry. Its name is highly regarded and respected in the market for offering high quality qualitative and professional operations. Headquartered in Hamburg with offices in Limassol (Cyprus) and Stamford (CT, USA), UPT has a global and direct access to cargo as well as to oil majors and oil traders alike.

UPT consists of a large pool of professionals combining strong expertise and long-term experience in operating tankers, which is invaluable for securing safe ship operations, legal protection and optimisation of ships’ earnings. UPT’s pool service operations are managed through different pools for product tankers, ranging between 35-75.000 dwt. UPT pool participants, ranging from traditional ship-owning companies to financial institutions, enjoy high capital returns, regular cash flow payments, third party pool point assessments and performance monitoring, transparent open audited accounts and regular market and financial reports. UPT also offers investors the opportunity to participate in the tanker market through stakes in time charter positions taken on by the group. This allows for a chosen, timely exposure on any particular ship size within a limited time frame with the aim of achieving profits.

  • Twenty years of expertise in third party commercial tanker management.
  • Independent pool manager.
  • Global network – market and cargo access.
  • Profound understanding of ship owners’ needs and requirements.
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