‘She-farers’: Columbia cadet tells other female crew members to have confidence in themselves

Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) has revealed how its mentoring programme for female cadets has been boosting confidence among new recruits.

The company is pairing up seafarers with senior onshore female colleagues, to offer support and guidance.

CSM shared mentoring interview notes involving engine cadet Mico Evangelista Clidoro, from the Philippines.

She has been working on the 1,440-teu container ship Cape Felton (built 2008), owned by parent Schoeller Holdings.

Clidoro is planning to be signed off in May, after completing the full nine months of her contract.

The cadet said having a mentor has helped her in different ways.

She explained she was able to share her experiences while working and studying on board.

“Through the programme, I was able to find someone to whom I can express my thoughts freely as a woman,” she said.

“The encouragement, advices and uplifting comments indeed helped me throughout my stay on board as they serve as my inspiration to be a competent person,” Clidoro added. “My advice to my fellow aspiring she-farers would be, always be confident.

“As a woman, it is very challenging to enter a male-dominated industry but, if you have the confidence in yourself, everything will be possible,” the cadet explained.

‘Rose among thorns’

“Put confidence as your major pillar. When we’re confident, we are more likely to move forward with people and opportunities,” she advised.

“When things don’t work out at first, confidence helps us to try again. It’s the confidence that always shines through,” the seafarer said.

Clidoro has been the only woman on board: “The rose among the thorns, they say.”

“But I saw a lot of women working in the industry, especially in my company. Looking forward to work with them in the future,” she said.

lidoro explained one of the challenges she encountered was socialising and adapting to life on the vessel, especially in the first week.

But this became easier as time passed.

Addressing the mentoring scheme, she said: “I find it accommodating that a company such as CSM opens its door to promote diversity in the maritime industry.”

“In this way, I envision myself more in the maritime industry and to be one of their competitive officers in the future, inspiring the aspiring female seafarers, especially Filipino seafarers,” the cadet added.

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17 May, 2024
female engine cadet mico evangelista clidoro standing in bridge of vessel in white overalls uniform

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