Administrative Assistant QSHE


  • Good command of the English language;
  • Good secretarial education and experience;
  • Good typing skills and familiarity with computer programs;
  • Familiarity with basic requirements of handling environmental compliance-related documentation;
  • Good organizational and communication skills;
  • Ability to work within a team.


  • Being adequately conversant with the Company’s Management System;
  • Effectively implementing the Company’s Management System;
  • Contributing to the development of new or the amendment of existing procedures;
  • Promoting and supporting efforts for continual improvement;
  • Assisting in arranging Voluntary Environmental Compliance Audits (VECA);
  • Uploading reports of Voluntary Environmental Compliance Audits (VECA) in CAPE;
  • Monitoring and maintaining a database of last and due dates of Environmental Compliance Assessments;
  • Reminding ships of due dates for Environmental Compliance Assessments;
  • Importing in CAPE ships and Technical Superintendents’ reports of Environmental Compliance Assessments;
  • Receiving, acknowledging, reviewing correctness and filing ships’ Monthly Environmental reports;
  • Monitoring that reporting of environmental non-compliances via ships’ Monthly Environmental reports coincide with reporting via FR-7.11 Environmental components;
  • Monitoring and reminding ships and Technical of due dates for testing OWS & incinerators and Bilge Holding Tank cleanings;
  • Receiving, acknowledging and filing ship reports of testing OWS & incinerators and Bilge Holding Tank cleanings;
  • Updating Environmental Compliance Database for OWS & incinerators tests and Bilge Holding Tank cleanings;
  • Assisting in collecting the information on the ship‘s environmental-related systems, filing the ship’s responses and updating the Environmental Compliance Database;
  • Monitoring office stock of environmental seals, wire strings, and stickers, and communicating with seals suppliers as required;
  • Preparing a package of environmental seals upon ship request, preparing Environmental Seals Master Tracking Document, handing over seals package to responsible Administrative Assistant for dispatching to a ship, informing ship that seal package will be dispatched;
  • Preparing a package of environmental seals and Environmental Seals Master Tracking Document for new ships under management;
  • Providing administration assistance to the ECM as required;
  • Completing any other tasks as assigned by the ECM or the Top Management.

The Administrative Assistant reports and is accountable to the Environmental Compliance Manager.


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