Columbia Group Supports Local Public Bike Sharing System to Celebrate Green Mobility.

With today’s observance of World Bicycle Day, Columbia Group is proud to announce its dedication to sustainability and giving back to the local community by supporting the nextbike public bike sharing system in Cyprus. Columbia Group, the world’s leading integrated maritime services platform, has collaborated with nextbike to install two stations with 10 bikes on Columbia’s premises in Cyprus, available for employees and the public.

With bicycles available 24/7, wheeling around is truly a climate-friendly and enjoyable means of transportation, with additional health benefits.

“At Columbia we take sustainability seriously – after all, it’s one of our core values – which is why we’re excited to have teamed up with nextbike for this great opportunity, which is not only great for mental and physical health, but for the environment, too,” says Mark O’Neil, Columbia Group President and CEO.

Columbia enthusiastically supports bicycling as part of the green mobility transition because it encompasses environmental, economic, health, and social aspects.

By collaborating with the nextbike public bike-sharing system, Columbia Group is thrilled to help create a bicycling infrastructure to help Cyprus achieve environmental and social goals. Incorporating bicycling into the green mobility transition offers a multifaceted approach to creating sustainable, healthy, and vibrant communities. Let’s all start cycling today!

7 June, 2024
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